Viada Ltd. DMC launches online reservation system

Viada Ltd. DMC launches online reservation system

Viada Ltd has launched an online reservation system which offers different kinds of travel services in Finland.

We have been in the destination management business for over 20 years and it was time to reinvent our business strategy, says founder Jukka-Paco Halonen and continues, the destination management business model has been in turbulence during the last 10 years as internet has made it possible to individual travellers around the world to find very fast and easy cost effective travel solutions. If we as a DMC do not respond to this kind of needs we might as well quit our business and start to do something else.

We know from experience that when people travel they always need few essential elements such as airport transfers, accommodation and of course some kind of activities and culinary experiences. The traditional online travel tools offer mainly flights, accommodation and also rent-a-car. After that travellers start an exhaustive work trying to find the rest of the services which often are not available online. This is why Viada Ltd. is creating different travel packages in Finland & Lapland which include when necessary, accommodation, airport transfers, activies, restaurant experiences etc. Our packages will vary from Stopover packages to more extensive travel experience packages. In some destinations we will also include just plain excursions.

At this first stage Viada Ltd. publishes just few essential products but the sole intention is the creation and publishing new travel & experience products as an ongoing project. It will be very challenging but at the same time surely very rewarding.

The Viada Supplier Partner network has been selected carefully, taking in mind of the sustainable values in operational methods.

Viada Ltd. belongs to the global organisation World of DMCs as the only representative of Finland.

The chairman/owner, Mr Jukka-Paco Halonen, serves on the board of directors of World of DMCs. He also serves in the board of Site Chapter Finland.